Top 5 games even the introverted bride will play

Okay, so you're planning the bachelorette/bridal party and what's a party without games? The bride-to-be is your best friend and you know everything about her, she's quiet & shy and you know she doesn't want to do anything embarrassing or uncomfortable. She will never twerk if you dare or take a picture with a random person during a scavenger hunt in Vegas, it's just not her thing! If this sounds like your friend, you came to the right place.

We thought of five games that the shy bride will participate in & be comfortable playing. See below.

Top 6 Games:

1. Drink if...

Drink've known the bride for more than 3 years! Drink are related to the bride! You can't go wrong with a drink if game with fun questions. Besides thinking of questions last minute, you can use our pre-made drink if cards but expect to be completely drunk after playing our drink if games (drink responsibly). You can purchase our drink if cards here

2. Put a Ring on it

Place a bowl of candy rings or life savers in a bowl and place them on the table. Hand everyone a chopstick or toothpick and take turns trying to catch the ring candy with the the chopstick/toothpick using only your teeth.

Set a timer of 1 minute per person and whoever catches the most rings wins the game. This game can create a ton of laughter 

3. Bridal Pong 

    The same concept as beer pong but it's the bridal version. You can make this game your own but we prefer cuter stylish cups & wine or champagne.

    4. The Newly Wed Game

    This is a fun ice-breaker game the bride will love because it includes the future hubby! Before the bachelorette party send the groom a list of questions to answer. After the bride fills out all of her questions, reveal the grooms questions to see how many she got right.

    5. Find the ring

    This is a fun game the bride & guests will love. The host will purchase a fake plastic ring & hide it any where in the room of the party. Everyone has until the end of the party to find it & whoever locates the ring first wins a prize.

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