Should I Ask My Bridesmaids to Help Pay for My Bridal Shower?

The biggest setback to throwing a spectacular bridal shower is realizing you're a little strapped for cash. Your bridesmaids want to chip in, but you wonder if it's okay to ask the bridal party to split the cost of the shower. The urge to micromanage and handle everything might also upset your friends and make them think their help isn't appreciated. So, should you ask them to help pay for your special day?

The question of who pays for what is a stressor and can escalate to damaged relationships. Bridal shower etiquette insists that the bride is expected to pay for her dress, makeup, shoes, accessories, wedding dress designer, bridal makeup artist, gifts, travel costs, decorations, wedding venues, and occasionally the hotel accommodations if they opt for a destination bridal shower.

The bride is also expected to cover everything else that comes up. The bridesmaids are traditionally expected to pay for their dresses, stylist (if they want it done professionally), shoes and accessories, travel expenses, gifts. The shower's cost is covered by the hosts, whether it's the bridal party, relatives, or the couple.  

Bridesmaids aren't required to shoulder any responsibilities unless they choose to do so. It might not be appropriate to ask your bridesmaids to share in the expenses, but give them a chance. It would be nice for them to share the expenses, but you shouldn't insist on it. Think of their help as something they offer but not something they are expected to do. 

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