6 Ways To Avoid Bumping Heads With Your Fiancé While Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is right around the corner, you’re stressed out and have a million and one things to take care of. Fights become more frequent between you and your fiance, and you want your wedding to be perfect! - The typical case of “wedding planner’s anxiety.”

I was watching 90 day fiancé (season 5) the other day and two couples were constantly arguing about arrangements for their wedding. The bride-to-be wanted her fairy tale wedding, and every time her fiancé suggested a change, she would give him a hard time. Your dream of marrying the love of your life is fun and exciting until the stress and anxiety of wedding planning get in the way. The built-up tension can put a strain on your relationship immensely. But planning your wedding doesn’t have to be this way.


Although the stress of planning this special, memorable event is inevitable, we’ve put together a list of 6 ways to keep your relationship strong and healthy while getting ready for the next stage of your life with your future husband or wife!


1. Keep The Communication Strong

Communication is essential within a relationship at any time, not just when you’re planning your wedding. But since wedding planning often results in high-stress levels, strong communication is essential. It’s easy to let stress and anxiety get to you, to the point where you or your partner neglect each other’s needs, feelings, and input.


You may also feel as if your partner isn’t doing their part in the wedding planning process. To address this issue, keep the communication strong by letting your partner know how you feel immediately and actively listening to your partner.


By not letting your partner know you’re upset or having an issue with something right away, you’re allowing these feelings to build up, leading to resentment.


2. Share The Responsibilities

Planning a wedding is no easy task and can’t be done alone. Your future wedding is a big event that involves the two of you. It’s important to share the responsibilities to help take some weight off your shoulders.


Back to step one, communication is key! You and your partner should always be touching base with each other to ensure that you’re both on the same page. You’ll want to discuss who will take the lead in wedding planning or if you both decide you want to plan equally. Either way, this step won’t be easy without effective communication.


Teamwork makes the dream work!


3. Take A Break

Planning your wedding on top of daily life stressors is overwhelming. In this case, it may be a great idea for you and your fiance to plan a weekend getaway without discussing the wedding.


Whatever you and your partner decide to do, taking a break from planning together is crucial and allows special bonding time to remind each other why you’re getting married in the first place!


4. Know That Everything Won’t Be Perfect

The perfect wedding you’ve always pictured for yourself may not be so perfect, and that’s okay! Being obsessed with perfection will set unrealistic expectations for your wedding, resulting in negative feelings when things don’t go as planned and built-up tension between you and your partner.


Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep in mind that if something goes wrong, the wedding will still be perfect. Your wedding is a memorable celebration for the love you and your partner share.


What could be more perfect than the celebration of love?


5. Keep Your Focus On What Matters

When dealing with in-laws, finances, and wedding planning, occasional fights are bound to happen. In the midst of the conflict, keeping your focus on what truly matters is vital.


This special moment is not about finding the perfect bridesmaid dress or finding the most stunning cake design. This is a moment where you’re getting ready to combine your life with the love of your life. It’s about uniting, celebrating your love, and looking back on your journey as a couple. Don’t let these small details distract you from the ultimate goal!


6. Have Some Alone Time

The old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” absolutely true! Whenever you find yourself upset with your partner, it may be best to let your partner know you need some time alone before discussing the issue. Doing so will prevent you or your partner from saying and doing things you will regret during an argument. A little distance from time to time will also make your partner miss you.


Alone time is a necessity for everyone and can give you time to think rationally and calmly. You’ll be able to maintain your individuality and sense of freedom, ultimately bringing you closer to your partner. Even when you’re married, you’ll need occasional alone time!


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