How to Host a Virtual Bridal Shower?

Your dream bridal shower certainly did not involve talking to guests through a screen. Virtual bridal showers are a thing, and they're as fun as they sound. The big question is how to pull off the perfect virtual bridal shower; think invitations, décor, games, refreshments, and gifts. 

Send virtual invites 

Plan it like a traditional bridal shower, and it'll feel like one. Pick a theme and color palette you love. Send virtual invitations or go traditional with paper invitations with every detail, including meeting invite links and the wedding theme.


Doll up your wedding venue and Show off your creative side with a matching DIY virtual background complete with Bride balloons, Miss to Mrs. banner. Create a custom backdrop and send it to guests or choose a pre-made one that's funky, unique, creative, and celebrates the bride-to-be. 

Make it a feast

Virtually enjoy the drinks, food, and dessert with your besties and laugh over fizzy champagne or sparkling cider. You can order from the same service or have guests make & swap their favorite festive recipes. 

Virtual bridal activities

There are many fun bachelorette party games you can include to your party like; movie nights (Netflix party), Bridal charades, bridal-themed jeopardy or go for a custom jigsaw puzzle, a bride tattoo.

Unbox the gifts

Get the guests to "ooh" and "aah" as gifts are opened. Gifts are mailed in advance, and they can be opened over the video call. Consider arrival dates as you ponder the perfect shower gifts.

Don't forget to record everything!

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