How to choose your Maid of Honor (MOH) & Bridesmaids?

All of your friends and family just found out that you just got engaged. You’re receiving a number of texts and calls from your best friend, old friends, sisters & cousins & they are asking to be in your wedding. This can be overwhelming and you might feel pressured to figure out how to make everyone feel special and that can put a lot of stress on you.

Sis, the truth is. This is your wedding, your vision & the only people that need to feel special on YOUR wedding day are you & your future husband, OKAY!

Just like being a Godparent, it’s more to this then just the honorable title. For example, becoming a Godparent is not something you just want to call yourself because you want to babysit here and there. You need to get a lawyer and legally be named the guardian if, God forbid, both parents pass away. You are financially responsible and need to raise that child as if they are your own. Still want to be a Godparent?

Being a MOH & Bridesmaids is the same thing, the title comes with responsibility! Everyone just wants the title and to post pictures on social media when they can’t actually handle the work that comes with it. What exactly are the responsibilities that come with being a MOH & Bridesmaids? I thought you'd never ask! I created a list below:

MOH Responsibilities:

Lead the Bridal party

Host the Bridal party

Plan the Bach Party

Host the Bach party

Walk down the aisle

Give a speech at the wedding

Hold the brides bouquet

Keep the bride calm

Have all vendors contact info near by

Attend Pre-Wedding Events (engagement party, rehearsal dinner)

Financially help with the Bach Party

Be a point person for guests

Attend wedding dress shopping & fitting

Bridesmaids Responsibilities:

Pay for your own bridesmaids dress

Help plan & pay for the bridal shower/Bachelorette Party

Attend Wedding rehearsal

Pay for your own makeup, hair & nails

Attend engagement party

Pay for your own transportation and accommodations

I’m sure there are some things I missed on the list but you get the point. So think about who will actually do this work. Ask yourself these questions: Will they go the extra mile to make my wedding process easier? Can they financially help out with the bachelorette party? Who is willing to hold my dress up if I need to use the restroom at the wedding? So you see, you need a maid of honor & bridesmaids that will take the position seriously. I hope this helped you to narrow your choices down on picking your MOH & Bridesmaid(s).

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  • Charisse Williams on

    Thank you for all the tips on how to be a fearless MOH!

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