Five people you should not invite to your wedding

Weddings are expensive. Let me say it again, WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! $$$$

It's a day to celebrate you and your partner but unless you have a rich uncle, you are financially responsible for the venue, dress, catering, music, etc. These costs can quickly add up especially when you invite 200+ people. If you have a certain budget then stick to it, don't ever let anyone make you feel pressured to invite them to your wedding.

So before you put together that long guest list, we should have a chat about the top five people you should re-think about sending a wedding invitation to:

That long lost cousin/auntie

I'm telling you, as soon as you get engaged, family members that you have never even heard of before will jump out of no where and find you on facebook asking for an invite. Yes, family is important but there's nothing wrong with prioritizing only your immediate family a seat at the wedding reception table.


Think about if you want a crying baby at your ceremony. Doesn't sound so great. There's nothing wrong with having an adult-only wedding & don't feel guilty. The kids can still be apart of your new journey with your life partner before you walk down the aisle at the wedding party. Tell all of the parents to leave the kiddo's at home with a trusted baby sitter so they can enjoy that open bar.

The disappearing "friend"

No calls, texts, check-in's or anything in more than a year? Do they only call you when they need something? When I asked you these questions did you think of some people in & out of your life that are like this? Hmmm...Maybe they're not really your friend and just an acquaintance that doesn't need an invite to your wedding. Save those coins, the disappearing "friend" can enjoy your wedding thru facebook pictures.

Your Co-Workers/Boss

We've all had multiple different types of jobs and the environment can change depending on your place of employment. Maybe you go out for drinks with your co-workers every Friday or your boss gossips to you about their personal life. From experience, it's completely possible to naturally make a long-term friend at work. This is totally up to you depending on your relationship with certain people at your job but if you haven't hung out with them outside of work, you don't know them that well so they don't need an invitation.

Your friends/family members (new) partner

I have a story for this one. I remember when my friend got married 2 years ago, there was limited space and she did not send an invitation to her cousins step mother, who she also doesn't know that well. The step mother called the bride-to-be's family and said that she was so upset that she wanted to fight the bride-to-be. Seriously? Mind you, this grown woman is in her 40's and she's so upset about an invitation that she wanted to physically harm someone.

You do not have to invite your friends new boyfriend/girlfriend that you barely know if you only want people there who you are close to. If they get offended or act the way the evil step mom I mentioned earlier acts, then they absolutely have no right to be at your wedding and that just proves that you made the right decision to not invite them in the first place.

Did I miss anyone? Comment and share any other type of person who you think should not be invited to the wedding.

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